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Lone Legacy Automatic Gates Family

 Lone Legacy Automatic Gates in Dallas Texas, is a family owned and operated residential gate repair and commercial gate repair company that provides driveway gates, electric gate repair, gate openers, iron gates, security gates, and access controls to Plano, Highland Park, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, Fairview, Lucas, Prosper, and all surrounding Dallas Fort Worth cities.

We understand that our customers have different electric gate repair needs, and we work hard to match those needs with the appropriate driveway gate equipment, at a price that meets the customer’s budget.  We’re dedicated to providing quality gate repair and installation of automatic driveway gates, as well as gate openers and operators to our Plano and Dallas TX customers.  If you're looking for a new garden gate or wrought iron gate in Dallas for your driveway, we have a variety of basic gate designs to choose from.  We can also duplicate iron gate designs to match a picture or drawing you provide for us.


We're a gate company that strives to provide QUALITY iron gates, electric gate repair, & gate openers.  And while we might not always be the cheapest in town, we stand behind our work & have a peace of mind knowing that our customers will be extremely pleased for years to come with the quality & personal service that we provide in Dallas.

"Colossians 3:23"

Electric Gate Repair in Dallas TX.

When should I have my driveway gate serviced?

It's always a good idea to take care of your electric gates & gate openers before they stop working completely.  If you notice any of the following problems with your automatic gate, it's most likely a good time to have your gate serviced:

  • The driveway gate is making a grinding or squeaking noise.

  • The chain is real loose (if it's touching the ground, then service has been due for a long time...).

  • When the electric gate opens or closes, it's slamming against the post.

  • The gate is moving slower then it used to

  • In any case, it's recommended that you have your driveway gate serviced at least once a year just like you would you vehichle for preventative maintenance.


Why did my driveway gate stop working?

There are several reasons why your automatic driveway gate could need repair...
First, your gate opener needs power to run.  You need to make sure that the gate's electrical breaker is turned on.  If you don't have a dedicated breaker for the gate or you don't know where it is, look for signs that your gate opener has power. You should hear a clicking noise coming from the opener when you press your remote.

If you established that the gate opener has power, the next step is to make sure nothing is physically interfering with the gate's could be as simple as somthing getting stuck in the track, such as a stone, a piece of trash caught in the gears, etc. If this is the case, your motor might just  need to be reset.  It's usually a minor repair, and sometimes just turning the power off and on does the trick.

If these tips don't work, then we suggest that you call Lone Legacy Automatic Gates in Dallas for further troubleshooting, or to set a time for one of our experience technicians to to come and inspect exactly what kind of gate repair may be needed.  Someone that is not trained to repair automatic gates, can cause more damage if they start messing with the gate opener and are not sure of what they're doing.

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Wrought Iron Gates Dallas

Custom Iron Gates extend your home's security to the property boundaries, and in a time when Dallas residents are increasingly worried about their security, adding a driveway gate at entrances has become a popular improvement.  Having an electic gate can be a great comfort, particularly if the house lies in a heavily trafficked neighborhood.  In addition to the security benefits, adding a custom driveway gate also can make visual improvements to the beauty of your Dallas or Plano Texas home, contain animals, and mark property lines.

There are many options when considering having an automatic driveway gate installed, so we encourage you to call Lone Legacy Automatic Gates in Dallas TX. and have one of our experienced technicians come out to discuss your options.

Lone Legacy Automatic Gates offers electric gate repair & wrought iron gates to Dallas, Highland Park, University Park, Lake Highlands, Plano, Allen, Mckinney, Lucas, Fairview, Prosper, Frisco, Southlake, Keller, & all surrounding cities.  We know that the quality of our work reflects on us, so we always stand behind what we do.  In addition to repairing or installing your driveway gate, opener, or access control, our technician will teach you about your new gate product and can show you how to perform basic maintenance.  When you are in need of any kind of electric gate repair, a new driveway gate, or gate opener, please e-mail or call Lone Legacy Automatic Gates in Dallas, TX today at  214-709-4750

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